Pottery by Andrea

Veteran-owned business specializing in small batch functional pottery

All of my mugs and tumblers are thrown and trimmed on the pottery wheel using nontoxic stoneware clay and glazes.  After trimming, handles are pulled (for mugs), then attached and smoothed at the seams.  They are left to dry completely before being bisque fired to approximately 1940 degrees F to prepare them for glazing.  

Each piece is hand-glazed (by brushing) with food-safe, lead-free glazes.  Sometimes, there are just 3 glazes on a piece, while other times there can be up to 9.  Glazing is my favorite part of the process.  To me, it's when pottery takes on a personality of its own.  Once glazed, mugs are fired again to approximately 2205 degrees F.  

Care Instructions

All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, however I do recommend avoiding the use of either of these appliances.  The abrasive nature of dishwasher detergent *may* dull the gloss of the glaze over time.  Additionally, some of the darker red and black clays I use contain iron, and microwaving these pieces could cause your pottery to become very hot when removed.