Pottery by Andrea

Veteran-owned business specializing in small batch functional pottery

Chandlers have plenty of options when it comes to the wax they use for candle making. Any oil can be turned into a wax, but this doesn't mean they *should* be. When compared to other types of wax, coconut wax, beeswax, and ethically sourced soy wax are the best options to give a clean, long-lasting, and soot-free burn. My candles are made with an ethically, and naturally sourced coconut wax blend (trace amounts of soy and palm...less than 10%).  To keep things as natural as possible,  because I prefer a more natural option, all of my candles are made with cotton core wicks (no lead or zinc). Fragrances used are premium and phthalate free. Nothing dangerous when you burn them, so the only thing filling the air around you is the amazing scent of your candle.

Care Instructions

While it is very important to follow all instructions included when burning your candle, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your wick trimmed.  This is necessary to prevent the flame from becoming too high which can, not only, cause the wick to soot but can also make the container too hot to be able to safely handle.