Pottery by Andrea

Veteran-owned business specializing in small batch functional pottery

When you have dinner guests, would you rather serve them a frozen, mass-produced lasagna or one that is handmade? Frozen lasagna is great in a pinch (especially for busy families), but a made-from-scratch lasagna will touch the heart of every guest.  The same can be said about handmade dinnerware.  When you buy something handmade, who you are is reflected in that piece.  It could be the color, the shape, how it feels when you hold it, or how *you* feel when you hold it.  Connecting with a piece you are eating or drinking from can be a mood changer. 

I am not a production potter, and that's okay!  One of the many things I enjoy when I am creating is that duplicates may be related, but they are not the same (siblings, if you will).  Two pieces can be glazed in the exact same way, and the results will be slightly different. There are variations in color, texture, and shape.  My pottery is truly one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated.  For that reason, I am still exploring different glaze options for dinnerware and the ones above are the only ones offered at this time (they are made to order).