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158S - Extra Large Vase

158S - Extra Large Vase

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Height: 11"
Width at opening: 3.75"

This whimsical vase is gilded with genuine white gold and a layer of mother of pearl.  The vase is watertight and a beautiful vessel to fill with your favorite flowers and greenery.

Every piece is carefully hand-signed at the bottom. To ensure strength and durability, all items undergo high firing with lead-free, cadmium-free glazes. After glaze firing, each piece is filled with boiling water (212 degrees) to check for any potential structural weaknesses.

Do not use in the freezer, with direct flame, or on the stovetop.  

The pottery is photographed in a well-lit area flooded with natural light, typically in front of a window. However, it's important to note that glazes may appear differently under various lighting conditions.

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