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Small Urn - (40-45 cubic inches) - Made to Order

Small Urn - (40-45 cubic inches) - Made to Order

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Custom and personalized pottery urns that cater to a variety of needs, including infant urns, baby urns, child urns, pet urns, adult urns (images coming soon), as well as partial volume urns for adult human ashes.  Each urn is crafted with love and attention to detail to honor the memory of your loved one, and provide a vessel that serves as a meaningful tribute to their life.  

The capacity of each urn is based on the weight of ash in pounds and the volume in cubic inches, using coarse sand to determine the maximum limit. Providing an accurate weight and volume measurement provides peace of mind that you are choosing the right size without having to buy an urn that is too large for your needs. This feature is especially useful if you are buying sharing urns to distribute the ashes among multiple individuals.

Ash volume can vary and might not calculate to the approximate funeral standard of 1 cubic inch of volume equals 1 pound of pre-cremation weight, so to ensure accuracy, it's advisable to measure your ash volume instead of relying on my approximation based on pre-cremation weight, as the volume of ash produced can vary depending on the crematorium and location. You can measure the volume of ashes you have received by calculating the length, width, and height of the ashes (excluding the container thickness), or you can ask the crematorium for the required urn size. If you are nearing the maximum volume of the urn, or if you have any doubts about the urn size, it's always better to err on the side of caution and order a larger one. 

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