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13S - 12 oz

13S - 12 oz

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Groovy vibes abound with our 12 oz peace sign mug! Handcrafted with a unique cavern design, each mug is filled with colorful artwork and finished with a touch of 22 ct white gold and a layer of mother of pearl. Perfect for any free-spirited soul looking to add some whimsy to their morning coffee.

 Our unique pottery is made by either throwing it on a pottery wheel or hand-building it with stoneware clay or porcelain. Each piece is then carefully signed by hand at the bottom. To ensure lasting strength and durability, all items undergo high firing with lead- and cadmium-free glazes. Afterwards, each piece is filled with boiling water (212 degrees) to check for any possible weaknesses.

Please note: this item is NOT safe for the microwave and should be washed by hand. Also, avoid using it in the freezer, with open flames, or on the stovetop.

Our pottery is photographed in natural light from nearby windows, but please keep in mind that glaze colors may vary under different lighting conditions. 


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